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The Dialogue of Culture

By the Master of Long Tu Attic


Ism of the world

Ism of Tao and De

Ism of I Ching

  1. Initiation of Zhou Yi
    • the Yi experienced three saints
    • enlightening of Zhou Yi
    • Addendum: lecture of enlightening
  2. Zhou Yi and occurrences in human life
    • Tai Shen and Holifelde
    • Sthenic dragon will be compunctious
    • The optimal strategy is going away
    • Sun Bin ask for a teacher
    • Storm of stock market
    • Pull through the Chi Shui for the fourth time
    • Addendum: giving directions for heroes
  3. Zhou Yi and sciences
    • element periodic tablet
    • universal gravitation
    • essentiality of light
    • the formula of mass-energy of relativism
    • gene of life
    • manufacture of implement and abstract of Xiang
    • Addendum: the lecture of Zhou Yi and sciences
  4. Zhou Yi and TCM
    • enlightening of I Ching and TCM
    • treatment of chronic hepatitis
    • treatment of chronic nephritis
  5. Zhou Yi and philosophy
    • Da Yu treat the flood
    • Discussion of the utility of I Ching
    • Universal statement of education
    • Addendum

Ism of Ban Ruo